360 Sources
360° Video. At the click of a button.
Luna 360, a buyer inviting camera set to be discharged not long from now, gives an available approach to anybody to shoot 360-degree home motion pictures and fare them for survey on virtual reality gadgets.

Coordinated Wi-Fi empowers live spilling, also, and the camera itself is waterproof with an IP68 rating. Luna adheres to any metal surface by means of an attractive connector, and has a discretionary embellishment pack including a mono pod, general adornment connector, key chain and docking station. At 170g/6oz and 6cm/2.36in breadth it’s nearby in size and weight to a pool ball.

Luna 360 is easy to use with every people, according to CEO of Memora, this cam was built for people who is not familiar with 360 camera  to use it perfectly without researching about this technology. On the body of this small cam, we see only one button which is used for recording and stopping 360 video.



This 360 cam has a 190 twin-lens which can record 2K video at each camera, but after stitching, the resolution is only HD for you. I have a chance to see the sample video made by Luna 360 demo version, it’s just not the best like Ricoh theta S or LG 360. But I think that for official version, there will have a lot of improvement.



This Luna looks like a pool ball at 175g/62oz and 6cm/2.36in diameter it’s very close in size and weight to a pool ball. Our members said that it is the smallest 360 cam in the world. I have keep it on my hand, look very fashion and sporty. With no-part design, this cam is waterproof, it’s truly action camera for outside activities. No cables, no rig, no stitching – just one single button to record.  This 360 cam can stick to any metal surface with magnetic adapter, besides, have monopad, universal ac  universal accessory adaptor, keychain and docking station



You can have a preview of your  360 video on your smartphone with Memora app. Besides you can edit, upload and download, share your video to facebook, youtube with memora app through wifi connection.



With a good battery, this Luna 360 can record upto 30 minutes at highest resolution. So in my opinion, it’s as good as other competitors. But there is no advantage.



With 32GB internal storage, this camera can record upto 2 hours 360 video so I think that this is enough for us.



With a microphone buil-in to make it waterproof, may be the quality is not good but acceptable.