360 Sources
A Complete Cinematic VR Solution
Jaunt's technology provides an end-to-end solution for creating cinematic VR experiences. We have developed an integrated suite of hardware and software tools to produce the highest quality immersive content.

The first professional grade stereographic cinematic VR camera built from the ground up, the Jaunt ONE was designed with visionary VR creators in mind. Following more than two years of intensive research and development, Jaunt’s camera features custom optics, high quality 360-degree capture, and stunning design.

The "NEO" system features:


● High quality, high resolution, full 360° capture

● Custom optics specifically designed for 3D light-field capture

● Large format sensors with superior low-light performance

● High dynamic range (HDR) imaging

● Fully synchronized global shutter sensor array

● Time-lapse and high frame-rate capture

● Compact and weatherproof form factor

● Stunning 360 degree industrial design by LUNAR

● Extensive tool set for configuration, rendering, and asset management