360 Sources
Giroptic iO
Simply amazing
High-quality twin custom lenses, unique real-time image processing technology and pocket-sized design. iO connects to your smartphone or tablet instantly for immersive capture capabilities – so you never miss a thing.

Capture reality
Hold on to the essence of precious moments and capture the entireness of any experience. Share instantly and live them to the full, now and forever.

A front row seat
Switch to the live broadcasting mode, and bring the world to you instantly. iO is natively compatible with your favorite live streaming platform.

Full immersion
iO is fully VR compatible. Live and re-live every moment to the fullest, and travel anywhere in an instant.

- 2 x 195°, F/1.8, 360° x 360° Shooting modes

- Photo, Video, Live Connectivity

- Apple Lightning, Micro USB (charging)

- Weight and dimension 73mm x 35mm / 2.9" x 1.4" (70g / 2.5oz)

- Material Aluminium casing

- Battery Lithium-ion (915mAH, 3.7V) Recording

- JPEG / MP4 (real-time stiching)

- Stores data to phone/tablet

BUY NOW     $249.00