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Freedom360 GoPro Mount
Do you still have some gopro’s lying around? With this rig you can attach 6 Gopro’s which gives you and stunning 360 degree footage in 4K. Needless to say that it isn’t cheap since you need to buy 6 extra Gopro’s.

The camera’s are mounted without the waterproof casing so try to keep it above water because this rig varies from $499.95 to $1519.95 depending if you want only the mount, the extra AVP + APG or the additional video editing software.

A 360 degree video mount for Hero4/Hero3+/Hero3 cameras

Use your own six Hero4/Hero3+/Hero3 cameras to record videos for full spherical immersive video. Hold the rig in any direction, no nadir blind spot to worry about. Simply capture everything around the rig, without obstructions.

- See more at: https://www.freeflyvr.com/360-degree-cameras-videos-virtual-realty/#sthash.rFWUV069.dpuf

Tech Specs:

Total weight with cameras: 525gr, Weight without cameras: about 85gr, Rock-solid design, made out of tough Nylon (Polyamide), Size: less than 10x10x10cm (lens to lens to lens), making it the most compact and stable in this class

Output depending on which Hero3 camera you are using

- Estimated battery life time: 60-75 min recording, highest quality, WiFi on Equi-rectangular size (approximately):

- Hero3 black: 5600×2800 at 24, 25, 30 and 48 fps, 3600x1800px at 48 and 100 fps (protunes)

- Hero3 silver: 3600x1800px at 25, 30 and 48 fps (protunes)

- Hero3 white: 3600x1800px at 25 and 30 fps Dome-projection sizes (Hero3 black max res) (approximately):

- 180×180 deg: 2800x2800px at 24, 25, 30 and 48 fps

- 210×210 deg: 3200x3200px at 24, 25, 30 and 48 fps

- 270×270 deg: 4150x4150px at 24, 25, 30 and 48 fps

BUY NOW     €499.95