Tips for creating engagement using Live Streaming

Since discovering the great potential of Live Streaming, it has only been growing. In fact, although it is a very complex method, the results obtained are quite attractive when it comes to marketing strategies.

So it is important to always take into account the diverse publics that are consuming the content through the mobile devices, which today are many, that access from anywhere, and at any time, causing circumstances to change even more.

For that reason, we decided to give you some tips, which can make all the difference in engaging your Live Streaming events, which should be shared on platforms like ours, NEXT 360.


3 Tips to Create Engagement with Live Streaming

Live Streaming has been part of all the marketing strategies campaigns of large companies, and they have already realized the great influence they can have in the diffusion of a company, or brand, in addition to establishing a relationship between the brand itself and its users.

So, in order to create engagement, Live Streaming can be a perfect tool, establishing a close relationship with the audience that is watching the video.

However, in order for your live streaming to be successful, and get the real edge out of them, it's very important that you follow our 3 tips.


Set the event previously

The first thing to do is to take some time to prepare your broadcast, and once you have prepared it, you should take some time to prepare your audience too.

In that way, schedule it in a timely manner, telling your followers so that they can sign up for the event to be shared.

As time goes on, remember the big event on the most important social networks.


Ask any questions and answer all comments

One of the most important parts of a live event is dialogue, as this creates engagement. The point here is that you should not just talk, but rather establish a dialogue, that is, interact with your audience.

That way you should answer to all comments, and you should also take an active role, casting questions, in order to engage your audience.

  • Create a hashtag for the event
  • Answer to viewers who used this hashtag
  • Do not forget Twitter and keep followers informed
  • Customize the experience (treat people by name)


Continue making the event dynamic even after finished

One of the big mistakes made by those who do a Live Streaming is to forget it when it ends. So, even after the broadcast, you should continue to keep your viewers around.

  • Make use of social networks
  • Use call-to-actions (include them at the end of your broadcast, leading to your site, social networks, or blog)
  • Encourage your viewers to keep in touch

Never forget that keeping your audience interested requires from you effort and bilateral strategies, which should involve direct interaction, and that personalized with your audience. Be sure to follow these tips, and for sure your Live Streaming will be forever on the Internet!


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