The importance of live streaming

The importance of live streaming

Live stream is growing day to day and getting ground on every competitor. In a Brandlive study with 200 brands, 44% of them already tried live streaming in the last 12 months, and 20% of them are planing to make more. 30% have at least one person of their staff working only for this type of content.

There are several video platforms that allow you to do different things with live streaming and there is a tendency on the business for this to grow. A good example of this is Youtube allowing you to create a live stream in 360 degrees but the quality only goes up to HD (or 1440p). You can find some examples in our Youtube channel.

This is an immersive experience that will allow you to be closer to the event or experience that you are trying to watch. Another good example of this growth on this market is the feature of live streaming on Facebook, so they can compete against Youtube or Periscope.


Never before has it been this easy to live stream as it is nowadays.

Most smartphones that are for sale have a camera that will allow you to make a live stream or if you want a better image quality you can find several cameras for sale that have a good price quality ratio. Another alternative are the 360 cameras that are arriving to the market, with prices that will be the same as a smartphone. The main concern will be the internet speed, but with the Internet Fiber or 4G it will be easier to make a live stream.


Why make a live stream?

There is several advantages to make a live stream, but the most important are:

You can give Real-time experiences: live streaming allows anyone to be part of something or to live the moment, even if you are two feet away or miles away from what’s happening. For those that follow a brand or someone famous, live streaming can create a more close relationship.

Access exclusive content: although some live streaming platforms, such as Periscope, allow users to save their videos for later, most of the users prefer to watch something happening in real-time and more often than not that exclusive content can bring even more users to your brand.

Sneak peek: the best example for this one is when a brand is building a product and live streams a bit of this product, not showing anything specific, but that will make everyone curious about it. Above all that it should get people closer to the brand by allowing them to see what’s happening inside.

Less Staff: nowadays live streaming is really simple to do and a single individual can create the perfect setup. (of course it depends the type of live stream, if you need a more professional production it will be necessary more people, eg. summer festivals with several stages)


Next Steps

Video is content, content that allow you to sell more and with the big players in the business being already there the attention spam of every user will be less efficient because you’ll have more “noise” between everyone, especially when the target that uses this kind of services is the “Millennial” generation, that already uses several platforms and their attention spam is really low.

Not everyone will win in this business but if we start now directing our focus to Live streaming, this can become key to a bright future. A good example of this is Super Bowl. Since they’ve started broadcasting live their audience rate went up by 44%.


What’s missing from live stream business?

A platform or a website that is build so you can just make live streaming where you will have a multi-platform that can provide you with all the best for a stream with the best quality, Virtual Reality and a 360 format up to 4K, that will allow you to have a better and efficient broadcast. But above all this, a platform that allows you to monetize your live stream without using advertisements.

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