Starter's Guide for 360º Video

Basic Guide for 360 Videos

We are reaching a point where 360 videos will be something usual for everyone. There are several 360 cameras for sale, but in a short period of time we will have more and more with better capabilities.

Before you go running to buy your 360 camera you should realize that there are cameras for everything and you should know what you want to do with it. Let’s go through some problems and advantages of 360 cameras so you’ll now what’s the best for you.


All the cameras are different

There are several camera models and all of them have a different capture process. You can find cameras with only 2 lenses or cameras with 10. You can find cameras that will capture an image in 180 degrees or in 240. A good example of this is the Go Pro Omni rig, that needs 6 cameras to make a 360 video.



Stitching it’s when you are recording a video in 180 or 240 degrees or in another format and the images are not stitched together. When this happens you’ll need to edit the video and stitch them together.

You can find some softwares that are from the same brand as the cameras that will allow you to stitch the videos, but stitching is not always easy. Sometimes it requires a lot of pacience or even experience. Stitching can bring some problems such as: when a video is recorded with two videos with 240 degrees and the stitching will be done automatically  by the camera, some objects can be cut.


Sometimes your image will get cutted of

The software that come with the 360 cameras usually have a preview mode. In that preview mode you can see in real-time where the image from one lens finishes and the other starts. In some cameras that the stitching is authomatic you can miss something. So you have to think which is the angle that you pretend and which think you’ll be cutting.


Resolution vs Quality

Image quality will always be different. Lots of 360 cameras already got 4K resolution and the quality of the RAW image is the same as a normal 4K. But we should remember ourselves that the image as to be a full frame in 360 degrees and that a 4K normal image is not stretched to a full 360 but a plain 180.


Convenience The are 2 type of 360 videos

90% of the video cameras have a universal adapter so they can fit their stick or tripod, but not always this is comfortable. 360 cameras are not properly light, convenient or even small because they have a couple of lens. Not all of them are easy to hold with a proper stick because they start to become heavy a little bit after and it is not convenient to be walking with your tripod everywhere.

Depending on what you think you’re doing you’ll need to know if you prefer commodity, quality of stability.


The are 2 type of 360 videos

If you didn’t knew, now you do! There are 2 types of 360 video. The monoscopic and the stereoscopic.

The 360 video that are monoscopic are the ones that only have a camera in which lens. This is the most common for all the 360 cameras.

The stereoscopic videos are really different and they give you a 3D sense with Augmented Reality. At this moment there are only 2 types of 360 cameras that can make this, and their price is higher.



The quality of sound that this cameras have is not the best, and to have the best of the best only with Nokia Ozo that costs over 60 thousand dollars.

Depending on what you want to make, to record a sports video, or create a live stream, there are some solutions that you can try.

To live streaming we advise you to buy a small soundboard and there are some really low price solutions on the market that allow you to broadcast with perfect audio. In our Youtube channel you can find some 360 live streams where we used a soundboard and the audio quality is really good.

If you’re going to hitchike with friends, ride a bike or any other adventure, the sound quality will not be great anytime. So we advise you to use a good Video editor such as Adobe Premiere where you can add some audio.


Fun Fun Fun

Who doesn’t like to take 360 pictures? Get the final result, experiment and try it again?

This cameras can give you a great experience with your friends and you can make lots of interesting stuff.

For example, we been using Ricoh Theta S and this camera is really good for taking some 360 pictures. We’ve got some examples in our Ricoh Theta S page.

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