Start Live Streaming: Step by Step

Although it might seem quite complicated and complex, the live streaming is very easy to use. If you still are those who do not know how to use and how to make a live video, this post is especially directed to you! See how easy it is to start your broadcasts and enjoy all the benefits!


Live Streaming – What is it?

Live Streaming is the transmission of a live video through the Internet. Although it is a recent phenomenon, its popularity has been increasing day by day. Although it existed before, but with very advanced settings that do not allow the transmission to any of the mortals, with the advancement of technology, Internet increased speed and reliability, today anyone can make a transmission in real time in a matter of seconds, with just a few clicks.

In fact, the live streaming broke numerous barriers relating to broadcasting, largely because of the low cost (free in most cases) and because of the immediacy. Its emergence and diffusion revolutionized the way the various events are broadcast around the world, and the live streaming has become the center of attention.


How to start?

While you might be thinking the opposite, get started is easier than you think! Just one smartphone, an Internet connection, and a streaming application is enough to start your live streaming.

Obviously, that will not create high-quality productions, but if that's what you want, then let's see step by step what you should know.



You do not need very sophisticated equipment and those high-quality ones for this type of transmission are very accessible and easy to find.



The first thing to buy is a camera. Please note that your smartphone or tablet also have cameras embedded, and many of them with high quality. You can also opt for a webcam connected by USB, which produce videos of acceptable quality.

For high-quality videos, the best is a SLR Digital, which has video capability, or else a camera for digital video. You have at your disposal cameras of various sizes and models, whose price can go from one hundred US dollars up to ten thousand US dollars.

Note, however, that the cameras costing less than $ 500 usually do not produce high-quality videos. Regardless of the price, always look for one that can shoot Full HD 1080 video.


Capture Device

If you do not have a USB webcam, you need a capture device, in order to capture the video input of the camera, and simply to make it available on your computer, or send it directly to your live streaming. You also have several options at your disposal, from external devices to internal devices, such as a card.


Software Encoder or Hardware Encoder

If you are not using the option indicated in the previous step, then you need to have a software encoder. So you can import the video from your camera and transcode the format. They encode your video to the appropriate formats for live streaming.

There are several options with various prices. You have free as Open Broadcaster Software or Flash Media Live Encoder, but also has professional packages such as vMix, Wirecast Pro, or Pro VidBlaster.

If you have a larger budget available, you can try a hardware encoder such as VidiU, Videon, among others.


Video Streaming Host 

You will need also a host video streaming, ie, an online platform that has bandwidth, as well as server configuration, so that take your video input and transmit to thousands, perhaps millions, of viewers.

NEXT360 is a popular video streaming host, and it's great to start broadcasting your videos. Connect your Encoding software or hardware to the host. Follow the given instructions and start making your transmissions today!

You will find the link to share your video in your video streaming host. I am sure you are going to make a huge success!


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