Mark Zuckerberg - Live Video is the Future!

Although today it is known that live video can be a crucial tool to expand our audience and to generate higher revenues, the truth is that there are still many doubts about this matter You can even get freaked out at first, but now live streaming is a lot cheaper, easier, effective, and faster than before, bringing all the advantages to its users. It may seem strange as live streaming can be useful, but Mark Zuckerberg has said he is committed to this tool, even stating it is the future.

Check why the number one of the world thinks this way!


Mark Zuckerberg – Why is he committed to it? 7 reasons! 

He has even said that he is obsessed with the live video, and this because he knows a lot about disruptive technologies. In addition to his business, Facebook, being one of the world's largest, it lies always on the list of technology companies that grow faster. To get an idea, facebook has more than 1.65 million users every month, which makes this app be more populous than any country in the world. That is why we must always be aware of what Facebook brings us. He knows what he does, right?

Live video has become an essential element in the plans of Facebook and only released a year ago, when only celebrities could use this option. Since April this year that it is available to all users, and in fact, instantly, a quarter of people could stream live video. The truth is that the costs for this to happen were huge, even talking about one of the world's largest companies, about 10 million dollars, but maybe there is a reason for that. Let's see! 


The video seized the internet

Given that ten years ago the Facebook only allowed text, we can see that today has evolved a lot. After adding the pictures, and then getting the Instagram, Facebook revolutionizes again including live videos! The owner of Facebook said that in a few years, most of the content consumed on the Internet will be video, which makes this tool crucial for all companies that want to keep healthy.

To get an idea, online video, in 2013, accounted for 60% of Web traffic, but it is estimated that in 2018 this number already passes to 76%.


Live video is raw and immediate

This is one of the advantages of live video. It's almost as if you were making a report in loco, where you are in the middle of the action, and it falls in love the spectators. Unlike meticulously written texts, the video gives the feeling of living behind the scenes, where everything happens. Thus, the live video is a way to communicate in real time and in a more open way.

With the option on Facebook, free for all, you can share what you want in real time. It can be a song you're listening to, or sunset that lies ahead, or simply an idea that had and want to share with your friends.

According to what Mark said, the live video does not allow making cuts, montages, or other things to embellish. So everything seems more real.


Live video is easier than ever

Whereas before you almost need to have a degree to make a live video, now things are much simpler, and everyone can do it in a matter of seconds. On facebook, you enter on the screen of your friends in about 10 seconds, with only 3 taps to start using the application. Furthermore, smartphones already have an image quality out of range, which allows high-quality transmission. To get an idea, the iPhone6, when it comes to high-resolution video, hit the Nikon D750, which costs $ 3,000. In fact, today with just a mobile phone, a stable WiFi or 4G LTE, you can begin your live transmission.


Live video encourages engagement

Unlike TV programs with a pre-written script, where spectators are secondary actors, in Live video people are encouraged to review, respond, and to get involved in the video. In addition, it allows people to be themselves, without scripts, showing who they really are. You can do a live video through your home, office or any other location provided you have an Internet connection.


TV is now on social networks

The main networks maintain their own video portals where viewers can access their content without having to have a television at all. Much of the stations already broadcast live on various platforms, from smart TVs, social media sites, among others. But why? It is much cheaper, reaches many more people, and do not need a single use device because you just need a mobile phone or a computer to view shared content. Mark sees this as a great opportunity, taking into account the possibility of an organization sees its audience exponentially grow. In fact, everything now passes through social networks, and live video is waiting to be won, with larger audiences, and great fortunes to win.


Live video for emotional communication

Just as Skype has made success all over the world, Live Video allows you to enter the life of another person, see her, feel the emotions that are being felt, and the communication is much more effective. In fact, there is not a better way to share stories in real time. And for businesses can be very useful:

  •       You can transmit annual semi-annual, quarterly meetings, live
  •       You can stream live sporting events
  •       You can stream Sunday sermons
  •       You can share updates and advice for the day to day
  •       You can welcome new members
  •       You can record summaries of your essays on the blog, or your posts
  •       You can also create visual content for your organization


Perfect to engage young people

There are countless applications that have been a hit among young people, and they all use the visual media. In fact, looking at the numbers, we see that half of the accesses are made through the mobile devices, but more, 80% of millennials take into account the video for online purchase, and 70% are more susceptible to watch the video when purchasing. It is also known that 76% of people follow brands for youtube, but Facebook got the 86% mark. This age, according to Zuckerberg, is the golden age of video, and the numbers speak for themselves so. And it's all because of young people who have caught the live video very fast. And never forget that the youth of today will be the adults of the future, then our future is in their hands!


Using live video in your business

Mark Zuckerberg admitted that the live video was an excellent option for growing his business. And this announcement caused the Facebook actions reached $ 119 for each.

Like Zuckerberg did, you, and any company can use live video to an endless number of things, such as:

  •       Launch new products
  •       Employers training
  •       Share sessions
  •       Share presentations conferences
  •       News
  •       Webinars and demonstrate new products
  •       Live music
  •       Events
  •       Sports
  •       Fun stuff
  •       Culture
  •       Among others

Live video can mobilize a huge amount of people for various purposes, from learning, sharing and connecting. It can bring together the elements of a team, strengthen a brand, or share knowledge. There are several companies using Live video to grow, such as NFL, Facebook, Twitter, Toyota, Sony, The New York Times, ESPN, NASA, NCAA and even Discovery Channel. You can use the live video sporadically, yet your company will return to live with much more strength after that. Showing the world your employees, facilities, offices, among other things, you make your company earn a face, getting much closer to the public.


Start with live video now!

Within seconds anyone can start streaming through mobile devices and is easy to use. There is not any secret! And even the most technical streaming is easier, mainly because of the advancement of technology. Try now the streaming services, with various tools and resources combined with an excellent service!


Facebook, Periscope, Meerkat, and others live video

These applications are very similar, and can transmit live video, as well as subscribe to follow others, comment, reply, and send emoji in other videos. Periscope is the one that differs the most, because 24 hours after the videos are no longer available, although you can record videos as they are available. Unlike Periscope, both Meerkat and Facebook indefinitely record the videos, and the Facebook Overtakes by the huge audience.


Live video and Websites

Making the incorporation of live video to websites is far beyond the reach of Facebook or other platforms. This is because what they want is to keep you inside of their own platforms. However, using the live video to generate traffic to your website can be a great idea. To achieve it, you must find a live streaming platform like Livestream, Ustream, NEXT360.LIVEYou can insert videos on your site, but can also handle the flows (through the tokenized encryption), access control, monetize flows, SEO optimize, include calls to actions, among many other options.


Share and mark your live stream

Regardless of the application, you are using, so your live video worth you need to have a public. For this, you need to keep in mind that you have to make an announcement, and spread the news the maximum you can.

Follow these steps:

  1. Put on your website details, and share the link to your live stream.
  2. Share a lot on social networks.
  3. Include your live stream in social media, as well as on your website.
  4. Contact people with influence in social networks to help you share your stream.
  5. Let people talk, encourage word-of-mouth.


Keeping videos after live streaming

Never forget to share your live stream, even after it has ended. Over 90% of views take place after the direct end. So save your stream, and continue sharing and promoting its visualization.



There is no doubt that Facebook chieftain had reason on the importance and influence of live videos. They are the future, children and teens are growing along with them, and this implies a radical change in our world. The tendency is that the video takes care of most applications, so companies have to capitalize for this.

So, if you are those who are in doubt whether to use, or not, the live videos, do not think anymore! A larger audience is waiting for you!


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