Live Streaming: The future of Internet!

Live Streaming: The future of Internet!

There is no doubt that the future of the internet goes through live streaming. Mark Zuckerberg himself had already stated in a recent event that most of the content that people consume online is video and that in the near future that reality will be even greater.

We, of NEXT360, could not agree more. That's why we try to provide the best platform for sharing videos and streaming live videos.

We can say even more. The future of the internet will pass through live video. The truth is that billions of dollars are being invested in technology, which confirms what we have said. We find several huge companies that are getting into live video streaming, such as Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Meerkat, LinkedIn, Periscope, Youtube, Citrix, among many others.

The truth is that not only large organizations and brands are starting to use live video to make announcements or training sessions. In fact, even small businesses have used this tool to increase their sales, and also increase their notoriety in the world of the internet.

The truth is that there are a lot of different uses for live streaming as we can see below:

  •    Micro shows and short films
  •    News
  •    Online TV
  •    Weddings
  •    Religious ceremonies
  •    Vlog
  •    Sports events
  •    Meetings of the Board of Directors
  •    Online learning or courses and training
  •    Government broadcasts at Federal level, as well as state and local level
  •    Corporate Product Demonstrations
  •    Among many others

In fact, the internet has been invaded with these live videos and there are excellent reasons behind this trend.

One of the main points is that live video allows a company, whether large or small, to engage its audience in real time, that is, you can interact with your customers, with your audience, in real time, answering questions, talking, and sharing information, without delaying time that could be the reason for the person on the other side to stop buying or stop becoming a follower of your brand.

In this way, live video generates buzz, which does not happen with any other online media.

People want to be part of the event, they want to be present, even if that means being a thousand miles away.

This is the phenomenon that makes this so interesting to the virtual world.


How to increase audience using live streaming?

Raising the audience is the primary goal of all businesses, whether they are nonprofits, whether they are video producers or broadcasters, they all have to think about how to increase audience daily.

But how to reach the right audience? How can I produce a high-quality video? How can I reduce buffering? How can I make the content to be quality and reliable? How can I set the flow of the highest quality?

All of this must be answered when we are trying to build a great audience, and indeed video can be the answer to all of these questions.

There are thousands of organizations around the world that try to work to build their brand. Here we can talk about sports companies, religious groups, among many others, who try to solve exactly the same problems, that is, create an audience.

The video is a very powerful tool for these companies, and particularly live video raises the bar for things with regard to the very high engagement of the brand and its audience.

Let's look at some statistics that confirm what NEXT360 says.

  •    Merchants using the video have 41% more web traffic than those who do not use the video.
  •    All posts with videos reach 130% more people than those who do not have video.
  •    76% of all internet traffic in 2020 will be video.
  •    92% of mobile video consumers share themselves as well.
  •    90% of consumers are more likely to buy something after watching a video about the product.



In fact, for those who are in this industry, the moments are the most exciting of them all. Things change fast, and the quality of content being delivered is growing so fast that it's impossible not to feel too strong emotion to be able to make it even better, and easier to share.

The truth is that technology advances day by day, and with respect to the live broadcast, the future is just brilliant. The NEXT360 is simply eager to always share the news as soon as the changes happen, and deliver them with all of our dedication so that you enjoy the cutting edge technology being created every day.

That's why, if you have not yet experienced the power of video for business, start today by creating quality content, building real engagement with your audience, start earning more money today and gaining more notoriety in your niche. We can only wish you the best!


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