Live Streaming, the biggest video trend

Undoubtedly, the biggest trend in the video is Live Streaming, and currently there are several platforms that make it possible to make online video transmissions in real time, like our NEXT 360. Why? More than the actual video itself, people are always looking for firsthand information, and that's what Live Streaming offers. A survey done in 2014 indicated that 70% of people used live streaming in their business, of which 70%, 20% used it daily. The features offered are diverse, from video calls, campaigns, product presentations, conferences, shows, among many other things you can include in your Live Streaming. 


When to use Live Streaming? 

If you want to promote an event, if you have enough audience, and if the topic is important / urgent then you can, and should, use the live stream. The advantage is not only in pleasing your audience, by giving them access that they generally did not have. More than that, the biggest advantage lies in the fact that your video can become viral. For this reason, whether for large or small organizations, companies and media brands, live online videos have become one of the main components of the market strategy, going through all their efforts. For you have a clear idea of ​​what we're talking about, let's look at the example of the Super Bowl presentation. With Live Streaming, it increased 44% of the views of the event, which drastically increased the comments as well as the references in social networks, which today are a must for any company or brand. But it's not enough just to launch Live Streaming. You need to know exactly when to use it. That's why NEXT 360 will give you all the tips to know when to make your Live Streaming.


Be Sure That it's worth

You should always keep in mind whether the event you are planning to share is worth it, or not. It is important that it be unique, and preferably large-scale.


Become your lasting event

One thing to keep in mind is that the longer the event, the longer the audience will have the opportunity to talk about it, and the longer it will be connected to you. Thus, an event that could be only a few hours, could turn into a day event, as it not only gives something substantial to follow, but also becomes more relevant in social networks, and in the media.


Involve your public

The ideal is to turn a passive experience into something active by encouraging viewers to participate in the event and shared content. You can, for this, complement your content with tweets in real time in the largest social networks, such as facebook.


Ensure Quality

Most importantly, you must ensure the quality of your video, so make sure you have a video that loads with quality and ease. That's why the NEXT 360 offers a reliable experience, without interruptions or technical problems, which could completely ruin your Live Streaming.


Not yet using Live Streaming? Seriously consider including it in your marketing strategies, as in fact, several statistics have shown that more than 70% of people prefer Live Streaming to on demand videos.


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