Live Streaming is revolutionizing the Internet

Mark Zuckerberg said that video streaming is the future of the internet, and I completely agree with him! In fact, nowadays almost every people share live videos on the social medias, and its success is unquestionable.

There is no doubt that the future of the internet lies in live streaming, and proof of that is the greatest investment in the technology many companies are doing, such as Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Citrix, Apple, Meerkat, Salesforce, LinkdIn, Periscope, Youtube, and many others.

Many organizations and brands, from the smallest to the biggest, are starting to use live streaming with different and several purposes, from training session to big announcements. The options are endless. You can use it for:

  •       Weddings
  •       Online TV
  •       Broadcast news
  •       Vlogs (video blogs)
  •       Micro shows and short live films
  •       Religious ceremonies
  •       Government broadcasts
  •       Board meetings
  •       Online learning
  •       Sporting Events
  •       Webinars
  •       Corporate product demos
  •       And many others

In fact, live streaming allows you to engage a huge number of people in real time, so you can chat with them, interact, and share your info and events. The best thing is that you generate buzz around your company or event.


How to build an audience?

Well, live video is awesome, but you need to grow your audience. You need to reach the right audience, produce a better quality video, and also make content reliable, and reduce buffering.

All of this influence on your audience number, so you must pay attention to all of these details.

In fact, the answer to all these questions may be related to the video. There is no doubt that video can provide a powerful tool, taking you to the next level.

Do not you believe me? Have a look at these statistics:

  •       Videos tend to reach 135% more people
  •       In 2020, 76% of web traffic will be from video
  •       41% more web traffic for marketers using video

There is no doubt that one of the best ways to communicate is visually. You can feel the emotions, and you can also get closer to your fans.

If you want to get larger public, video streaming can be the perfect option, I can assure you.

Your company, or event, will be largely known, and you will get the better publicity of all: mouth to mouth. It is proved that the best way to reach people is by recommendation of a family member or friend, and that’s why live videos will be the future of the publicity!



Live streaming is recent, but the excitement is felt. Everyone is making their own live videos, and everything is quickly changing. The quality of the live streaming is even higher, and the tendency is to get even better and faster.

There is no secret: live video will change the future, and I suppose it has already changed! We will be here to tell you everything about it, and we pleased to share all the news!


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