Live Streaming Events Globally - How to boost your website traffic?

We know it is not easy to make a successful event. Often we miserably fail, we create an event which appears literally one person. But we often create events which appear thousands of people. So what makes the difference between success and failure?

In fact, there are some factors that can make a difference. Here we are not equating the quality of the event, which obviously has to be good, but to be successful, people have to go there, right?

So, we are going to share with you a method that can triple your website traffic, bring to a global audience your events, and that is simple. The best thing, it is cost effective!


Live video - reach the whole world!

The method I talked about earlier is called video live streaming. In fact, this method can revolutionize the way you plan your events.

The truth is that before the live streaming all events were limited either by the spot size, or by the available budget, and even by the space available for parking.

Now with Live streaming, you no longer have to worry about this detail, because it allows you to reach a global audience, without having to put millions of people in the same physical space.

Thus, it allows everyone to become a TV broadcaster, but without the inherent costs, and all this with just an Internet connection.


Global organizations already use streaming to reach large audiences

There are already several organizations that have discovered the potential of live streaming.

For example, Twitter launched this new way to reach large public in Wimbledon matches in 2016.

The live streaming of NCAA sports is already done for several years and has been extremely successful.

Also General Electric have joined the live streaming, managing to reach 20 000 spectators via Periscope.

But it does not stop here. The Super Bowl 50 has hit records of the audience with live streaming. And even Broadway has done live streamings of its shows.

Other organizations have used the same method to increase their website traffic, such as:

  •       Nissan
  •       Nestlé
  •       General Motors
  •       Red Bull
  •       Taco Bell
  •       Mountain Dew
  •       Duncan Donuts
  •       The Tonight Show
  •       U2
  •       Spotify
  •       Target
  •       DKNY


Video Streaming drives conversions and traffic

The fact that these companies join in strength to this method is a sign that in fact, the video is doing well, driving traffic and increasing their business.

Let us look at the numbers that support this!

  •       41% more web traffic
  •       52% of people spend more time on the site
  •       49% increase in income
  •       64% to 85% of people are more likely to buy
  •       57% of people are more likely to make donations
  •       3 times more click rate
  •       92% of people say that the visual is the main factor in the buying decision
  •       88% more interest in ads
  •       1/3 millenary purchase as a result of watching video.

So, there is no doubt, video is a great tool for any business.


Live streaming easier than ever!

Initially, it needed a great technical knowledge to do the live streaming, however, nowadays, with the technological revolution and UX, it is very easy to make a live streaming.

Today you can see numerous options and you can use several apps like facebook, Periscope, Meerkat, Blab, and Lively.

In addition to all of these apps are free, they are very simple to use and fast. For those who need a more robust solution, then it is advised the live streaming video host.

Although it is not as simple as the previous apps, the benefits may be even greater. If you have a business that requires a great demand of users, this is the best solution.

You can use, for example, Ustream or Livestream. On these platforms, you can make a greatly enhanced access control over who can view and share your content.

But also other benefits are inherent to these platforms. Let's see.

  •       Monetization, ie, allows the sale of access to the stream
  •       API support, where you have full control over content, and where you can create your own application
  •       Tracking Users
  •       Advanced analysis
  •       Sending content safely
  •       Allows reference and geographical restrictions
  •       FTP upload
  •       Allows the customization of stream with the brand
  •       Playlist and packages


How to generate excitement with live stream

You do not need just to know how to make live stream, you need to overcome some other barriers, such as knowing how to build an audience.

In fact, so you can create a successful live streaming event, you need to invest some time in marketing and promotion.


How to drive traffic to website

You can also enjoy your streaming event to increase the traffic of your website. How? Through embedding, and marketing.

As for the embedding, it is a very simple technology, which is included in live streaming video hosts. It allows host the live stream on your site, just like any other site that you want.

Although embedding is a very important piece to increase the stream of your site, it all comes down to marketing. See now 17 ways to make your live events a huge success, and still bring traffic to your website.


17 ways to boost virtual attendance and reach a global audience

In fact, to make a live event a success, and further increase the traffic of your website can be a challenge, but there are some ways to make it easier. See our recommendations.


  1. Make a directed research, but always focusing on global

This should be your first element to be included in the marketing plan - Research.

First of all, you must know your audience. Preferably collecting names, information, Web sites, among others. The focus should be made on your partners and fans.

Then gather this information in a database, or in a CRM system in order to monitor your reach.

Then do a search on the communities interested in your event. They may be of various types, such as:

  • Community groups
  • Non-profits
  • Businesses
  • Government agencies
  • Partner organizations
  • Forums
  • Fan communities
  • and others.

After following the above steps, look for celebrities within social media. They can be Bloggers, YouTubers, among others who can capture more public.


  1. Determine your goals for disclosure that has high priority

Take the list you did in step 1 and select what are your main targets. Try to answer questions such as:

  •    Who are my biggest fans?
  •    About whom I have an impact?
  •    Who always speaks about me?
  •    Who can actually help me to promote my event?


  1. Choose a date

It cannot be any date. It must be the right date! For example, if you are planning a work-related event for a Monday or Friday, then may be bad choices.

For example, on Mondays, people are concentrated trying to recover from the weekend, so they are busier. Also on Fridays, they leave work early to go home.

A survey found that for the Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday are the best days to do events.

However, when we look at entertainment-related events, then weekends and nights seem to be the best choice. Here are various events such as concerts, comedy shows, plays, and so on.


  1. Always use the hashtag

To have more visibility, you must choose the right hashtag. It is through it that people will talk about your event on social medias, and so it is very important to have the perfect hashtag.

For this, choose one that is short, simple, unique, but that people memorize.


  1. Make a marketing plan

At this point, you already should know what your audience and must have chosen the date and the location, as well as tags for social media. Now it is only missing the developing of your marketing plan.

You should first focus on goals of priority achievement. At this point you must think about the people you know will pass the message to many others.

You can send a message encouraging this particular person to attend your event, as well as share it.

Another thing you can do is offer gifts such as t-shirts, free service, or others, for your biggest fans.

Include blogging in your plan, never forgetting the SEO, as well as traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, weeklies.

Divide your marketing plan into stages, and each stage should include "teasers" to create excitement in people to attend your event.

15 days before the event make a final push. This is because about 80% of people will register at that time.


  1. Always Generate buzz

It is true that you already have a marketing plan, but you must follow it consistently. Create buzz around the event you are planning. Thus it makes people talk between them, creating greater knowledge about your event.


  1. Think about live translators

Never forget that we are talking about an audience that encompasses the four corners of the world. So, consider hiring translators to cover your event.

You can find good services in InterpreNet where you can get translations in real time and in multiple languages.


  1. Never forget quality

If there is one thing that makes people come out of the broadcast at a glance is quality problems. About 20% of people leave the broadcast if the video quality is poor, and another 25% leaves if there is a problem with the buffering.

So make sure you have a fast, lightweight, effective internet connection, and make sure you have quality equipment.


  1. Never forget to include links to your website

Whatever the site or purpose, always include the link to your website. In all promotions, messages, press releases, emails, videos, blogs, and so on, put it in order to increase the traffic of your website.

You can use triggers as discount coupons offer, watching a preview, or anything else that makes people access to your website.


  1. Plan viewing parties

This will be the last step of the pre-event planning. Organize viewing parties. This can cause you to sell tickets much faster. For example, a party of this kind of NBA in 2016 made them sold 20,000 tickets in one minute.

These parties make the likelihood of attendance increases, and even excite people, and you still can create another live event.


During Your Live Streaming


  1. Encourage attendees to use and share on Tweet, Instagram, and other platforms

The more people share, the greater the emotion surrounding the event. Imagine that each streamer gets over 100 spectators, then your audience will increase exponentially!


  1. Always Keep it short

It is important to make a short event because most people quickly lose interest. Obviously, when the event has quality, the probability of people staying to watch longer is higher.


  1. Never stop Promoting

Even during the event, you should continue to promote it, in order to increase the audience. To do this, share updates on social networks, emails, blogs, and with your partners.


  1. Focus on the beginning of your live stream

The truth is that people have short periods of attention, and for this very reason must ensure that you make a simply fantastic video start.


  1. Make your event interactive

If there is a way to make an attractive live stream is the interaction that the public has with it. It can be through chat rooms, social networks, or polls.


  1. Offer materials and resources

During the event, offer material from your live stream. Can be slideshows, PDFs, music, or any other, and always directed to your website in order to increase your traffic.


  1. Share and promote your video even when it is already over.

Even after you have finished your event, never forget to share it. It often happens that there are much more people watching the event after it finished than the people who saw it live (over 85%).


Will be live streaming beneficial? Will not reduce in-person attendance?

Although this question is very common, the truth is that it's exactly the opposite. In fact, the live streaming increases people's desire to participate in-person and can increase it by 40%.



In fact, making an event is not easy, even less a successful event. Good events stay in the memory of the people for a whole year, sometimes more, and it is this type of event we need.

Using the right tools and the right marketing plan, this goal can be achieved. Use our tips to make a correct marketing plan, to make a successful event, and also to increase the traffic of your website.


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