Live streaming benefits and challenges

Live streaming content is a real asset and there are several reasons why you should invest on it. Live streams can be immersive and engaging, gets a real-time experience with your audience, and allows you to control the message that you want to broadcast and you can also have a real time analysis. A 2014 report shows that 70% of the people interviewed are using Live Streaming to business meetings, and 40% of them are doing it weekly. This adds up to almost half of the surveyed using Live Streaming monthly.

The are several areas where this is being used, from human resourcers, marketing or even computing. This shows a video dependence from businesses nowadays. Truth being told, this study shows good results in every area where video is being used. 25% of the respondents watch videos on Youtube and 24% upload their videos there. Besides, 33% of the companies have used 25% more live streaming than in 2010.

However marketing departments are using live streaming, they are on the departments that are using it less, with only 14%. This is a concern because with all the growth this is not good.


After all, live streaming is a good tool where you can rely on, easy to customize and very good to inbound marketing. It is easy to attract, evolve and convert your audience. Live Streaming video is a really demanding and to broadcast it you should have proper planning, but it always bring a positive feedback. 

Each brand or business should determine the public access and which metrics will be the best for this type of content. Besides that, marketers should find the correct audience where to deliver this type of content so they can be sucessfull in their strategy.

Some of the most common challenges when live streaming are:

  •  Audience awareness

  • The ROI of all the strategy

  • The best platforms where you’ll have the best options

After realizing the best strategy to get to your audience, the type of content that you want to share and broadcast it is really easy to get the rest of the process, including the coding method and streaming.


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