How to Increase Video Views? Best strategies

The main goal when we publish a video on the Internet is precisely that people watch, regardless of whether we are talking about recorded video or broadcast live.

When you use streaming video hosting that is the focus: have as many viewers as possible, whether to become viral, or to direct people to your site.

There are some strategies that can help you in this regard. Let's look at six strategies that have proven successful in Increasing video views.


Learn from the best

If you want to increase the number of views of your videos bet on quality. In fact, the higher the quality of the video, the greater the public reached. It is ideal that you do a search for more viewed videos on the Internet within the niche you want to do yours.

This way you are able to realize what is successful and what does not work in any way. However, copies are not welcome. Nobody wants to see imitations, however good they might be. Use the videos to get ideas, and then improve them, whether improving the quality of production, or include some creativity.

In fact, you will capture the attention of viewers because your video is another of the same style that one they like to watch, but as you give something new, so they're going to be followers of your work.


Have a theme

Is there any topic that people are sticking more now? This theme is related to you, or with some interest of yours? So it's a good way to captivate viewers to your video.

In fact, one of the most successful strategies is this one. Use a theme that is in people's minds, and make a high quality video.

Obviously you should always strive for consistency of your videos, and so it is impossible to always walk behind the trends. But if there is a theme that fits your profile, and is fashionable, so enjoy it.


Have a Marketing Plan

Note that we are not talking here about advertising, but rather a marketing plan.

The marketing plan incorporates what people are most likely to watch from headlines, presentations in several sites of your video, among other things.

Thus, you should always provide your video so that it is easy to access and has a framed that attract people.

For this, choose a good streaming video hosting platform, as well as a good internet speed.

Make sure not to include a lot of things in the page so the viewers do not distract from the video you are sharing.


Title - Make it great!

The title is undoubtedly one of the most important items. It is through the title that viewers come curious to watch your video. Therefore, you should pay attention to the title that you choose.

A good title helps to make your video appear in search engines, which increases the potential number of views.

Choose a catchy title, but at the same time concise. Choose carefully the keywords used. To do so you can use Adwords or Wordtracker in order to know what the most searched words by people.

Always include the word "video" in your title, and if it belongs to a series, put the episode too.

However, always choose keywords that fit perfectly in your video. This prevents unpleasantness!


Build a Mailing List

Although this process is slow, it is crucial to the success of those who want to see the number of viewers of the videos increase.

The purpose of the mailing list is that you can make your viewers into loyal followers who are always waiting for your news.

To achieve this mailing list, set in your video a direct call to action seeking to join your mailing list.

Make invitations also through social networks. After all, it is a powerful weapon, and we should not neglect it.


Social Media

As we said earlier, social media are very powerful, and we must always take into account its power, especially when it comes to sharing content. 

Facebook, Twitter, your blog, email list, among other platforms are included in the social media. 

Join in conversations consistently, but that is comprehensive, because you want to achieve a diverse audience. 

This way, you create a legion of fans who shares the same opinions, and when sharing a new video, they are more likely to watch.



We know that these strategies help a lot, but there is no magic formula for success. It's all a sum of factors that in the long-term will attract more and more people to your video.


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