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The syntactic symbols used here mean:. Its output is the actual runtime implementation of the method. Or, if you are not interested in the return value, use DO as follows:. Note that this simple example does not contain logic for detecting and handling disconnects or failed read operations. Examples of process names follow:.

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Download and review the appropriate hardening security guide. HttpRequestthat want to verify that the server X.

See the documentation of these gateways for an explanation of Operating System services or processes on which they depend. This changes the system-wide keepalive number of seconds default for new processes; changing this value has no effect on currently running processes.

It is not saved to disk, unless your application includes code to save it specifically. You can display information about a specific method by specifying the method name in Helpas shown in the following example:. A SEND operation means to send the buffered data out to the network.

Overriding Parameters of Data Type Classes. If you do so, you must ensure that the signature in your method definition matches the signature of the method you are overriding. Specifies that the method is private.

OPEN Command for TCP Devices – Caché I/O Device Guide – Caché & Ensemble

Apcket must use the same device for both principal input and principal output. This reduces network traffic and improves overall performance. For optimal performance, a user should experiment with the current OS to determine which values for ibufsiz and obufsiz produce optimal results. Stop people from guessing passwords, and prevent them from connecting to the server, by blocking their current IP address in your server firewall.


IP, or Internet Protocol, performs the actual data transfer between different systems on the network or Internet. Used for server-side OPEN only. The Output keyword indicates that you should pass this argument by reference and that the method ignores any value that you initially give to this argument.

Minimum Supported Version

Each data type class has the following features:. The Internal keyword is a compiler keyword. View this book as PDF. To access the in-memory value of a property from within an instance method of an object, you can use the following in-memory value syntax:.

HelloWorld is a class method and it returns a string; this is indicated by the item after As. No matter which inheritance order a class uses, the primary superclass is the first one, reading left to right. By using IPv4 abbreviation rules, you can specify the IPv6 loopback address as “:: The license server connects back to that port and sends the results over the TCP connection.


For optimal performance, a user should inteersystems with the current OS to determine which values for ibufsiz and obufsiz produce optimal results. Can be used to increase the buffer size from the default value to support TCP protocol large windows.

imtersystems No n value should be less than 2. If services such as ECP and mirroring are not used, do not enable them. Corresponds to the queuesize positional parameter, which determines how many client jobs pcaket queue for a connection to the server. The following example shows a very simple concurrent server that spawns off a child job whenever it detects a connection from a client. If specified, the system-wide TCP keepalive timer is disabled for this device.

HttpRequestthat want to verify that the server X. If specified, intershstems listen socket is closed after the first connection is accepted. Review procedures and approval process for changes. The business operation receives a message from within the production, looks up the message type, and executes the appropriate method in the outbound TCP adapter to transmit the data over TCP.