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I have a special knack of ending up in hotel rooms that are just far enough from the wireless router to ensure a shitty connection. After five minutes of assuming the card had finally died, I dug out a different, thicker cable as a last-ditch effort and everything sprang back into life. Not sure if this is a problem or normal. Hello, I am using the latest version of Kali Do I just have a crappy Alfa or what is the matter with this? I teach online so I need to have dependable wifi that will allow for me to reach China and back quickly. If you have an answer for the chipset question or know of another Dual Band 2.

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For that, I combine the range extender with a piece of software called Connectify Hotspot again, Windows-only. One thing I have noticed is the card is a bit picky about the mini-USB cable that you plug into it. I awus0511nh it is a driver problem of the rtusb.

ALFA NETWORK: ALFA WiFi USB models Now support MAC EI Capitan

If so is this range extender still working for you? I can stand outside in the driveway, precariously balancing my laptop xwus051nh one hand and mca typing this article with the other, or plug in a cheap plastic gadget and eliminate the problem entirely. Ahh yes, the sheer joy of standing around in cold hallways and reception areas trying to coax another bar of signal out of the wifi network.


Airmon-ng, Airodump-ng both worked fine for me and I could even capture data from 5 GHz range. There is k no way to DeAuth a client from AP.

Kali Linux and the Alfa AWUSNH Dual Band USB Adapter Review | WirelesSHack

RT phy4 wlan1mon rtusb Ralink Technology, Corp. Question though, do I still need to use a VPN with this or rely alfq the multiple encryption profiles listed on Amazon? If I run it in a Kali distro it captures correctly, but under Raspbian Jessie with airodump built from sourceon 5GHz it shows all stations as unassociated, even when some are connected to APs.

In the end though its whatever works to fit that scenario. Module not found in directory ect.

Too Many Adapters

I was able to start Kali and bringing my Alfa to monitor mode was unproblematic. I dont find it on google. How awys051nh you running Linux?

I got first problems when running airodump-ng. This sure seems like a handy device for us travelers.

I have since played with it more and really like this adapter. I own a brand new laptop running windows Wondering if this has something to do with it? Even with half a dozen devices using the hotspot, as has been happening the last few days, it rarely misses a beat.

I tried various drivers but none of them seem to work.


Kali Linux and the Alfa AWUS051NH Dual Band USB Adapter Review

alfq Beacons are seen on air if it operates in 2. I hate the thought of carrying yet another piece of tech with me when I travel, but this one is probably going to be added to my bags.

Hey Johan, Please share if you found the V2 better than the old mod.

Hey Johan, my alfa usb wireless can found 5 and 2. The external antenna is truly dual band instead of 2. Do you have any recommendations or thoughts for something capable of This past summer, I was staying in a hotel in the Poconos and, fortunately had taken the week off.

Can anyone tell me where to download a better driver? Thanks so much for this article. I want to buy one as i can not use wlan0 of host machine running windows 7. If you have an answer for the chipset question or know of another Dual Band 2. Is there any changes in how the v2 works or is it just as good as v1?